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You’ve found our blog, Wide Trails.  For those of you that are unfamiliar with us, we’re Chris and AJ, a husband and wife team of outdoors enthusiasts, from Baltimore, Maryland.  We lead very busy lives – we have two small children, Chris is a technology leader for a global investment management firm, and AJ is a part-time professor, part-time grad student, and the full time manager of our hectic household.

“When the trail is wide, we walk side-by-side.”

We’re avid hikers and campers.  We introduced our kids to the outdoors when they were still in diapers and they’ve truly embraced our love of nature.  For us, the outdoors is family time.  It’s a way for us to forget the complexities of daily life and reconnect and recharge as a family.


So what’s the point of our blog?  It all started with three simple words – Eat. Sleep. Explore. This is a mantra for our family.  Our love of the outdoors has evolved over the years, and it will continue to evolve.  Along the way, we’ve met many friends that share a common love of the outdoors, and they’ve helped to hold our hands and guide us – They share the journey with us.

We want to provide that same guidance for others that are interested in embracing the outdoors.  This blog is an opportunity to chat about gear, experiences, and to share our ideas, tips and tricks, and recipes.  We want to be out on the trail with you, sharing the journey.  When the trail is wide, we walk side-by-side.

See you on the trail,

Chris and AJ

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